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August 2009 indie handmade samples on sale now!! [18 Aug 2009|04:20pm]

check is out on our website
100% of profits go to Peaceful Prairie Animal Sanctuary
handmade reusable totes chock full of handmade indie items from around the world!

all vegan, all the time

support small handmade businesses while helping animals!


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Main War Time - Нет Убийствам! [24 Jun 2009|11:20am]


My One True Threat.

vegan vulvas! [12 Nov 2008|02:29pm]

vegan vulvasCollapse )
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urgent help needed repost [11 Nov 2008|04:27pm]

Urgent help is needed!
I received the following email from Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary today. They only have until the end of the week to raise the money they need for this, but if everyone pulls together, we can make this happen!! Please help the animals by helping this wonderful sanctuary see this through. To donate, please visit their site or go here.

Dear Friend of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary,

We have an incredible opportunity to expand the sanctuary by 35 acres and to acquire a 4000 square foot home that will be converted into an Education Center and volunteer / intern housing and B&B for sanctuary visitors.

This kind of capital improvement to the sanctuary is 10 years overdue -- but we now have the opportunity to purchase the property for $100,000.00.

Thanks to one VERY generous benefactor, we've already raised $70,000.00!!!

We need to raise the other $30,000.00 before the end of the week in order to make a cash offer on the property.

Another family has placed an offer and, due to the Agricultural zoning, they will have to use the land to enslave and exploit animals.

Please help us stop it before it starts, while simultaneously expanding the sanctuary and our ability to care for and advocate for countless more victims of the egg, dairy, flesh producers and consumers.

Time is of the essence - if you are able to contribute to this, please let me know right away.

Thank You!
Michele Alley-Grubb
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
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Hey ya'll. I just wanted to share the news that we signed to Eulogy Records today! We're touring this March with Furious Styles, Die Young, and Battle! We also have a 7" coming out in March on New Age Records. The tour dates are all up on our myspace page, please check them out and come support when we're near you!



Eulogy Records
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Free shirt! [23 Dec 2007|09:56pm]

I am decluttering my home! I have this vegan shirt that is too small for me and am offering it to members of this community.

The message is risque and can easily be misinterpreted. The joke is really an inside joke.

The front says "Hail Seitan! (Pentagram picture) Go Vegan".
The back says "666"

If you would like this shirt send to you, provide me with your snail mail address and I will try to get it off to you as soon as possible (though I cannot gurantee a date).

First person to reply wins this free prize!
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